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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 25, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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es. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. >> i heard a xhoergs and it's-- it's a commotion and a man dragging her by the arm and she was crying and screaming. >> that was a horrific scene that unfold the on a city street. and jose ortiz was one of two firefighters to witness a crazed man in broad daylight 10:30 in the morning on sunday and things spiraled out of control when the assailant pulled out a meat cleaver and began striking the woman. listen. >> he pulled it out of his waistband and started hacking at this woman.
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i rush him. i'm trying to grab the cleaver, but he's swinging. >> now the ensuing struggle between the crazed man and the firefighters, jose ortiz and james trainer was on a security camera and new york's bravest put their lives on the line in order to subdue the attacker until the police arrived. the 28-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder and remains behind bars at this hour and the wife according to the new york post is listed in critical condition at a new york area hospital, but she is thankfully expect today survive and thanks to the horrific actions of the new york city fire department and all americans can be proud of brave first be responders. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next to go on the record and we'll see you here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. >> tonight, the sequester ax
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falls in four days. are you scared? >> the sequester. >> i'm not here to scare people, i'm here to inform. >> have you stocked up your food? >> rest assured the uncertainty is already having an effect. have you bought all your water. >> companies are preparing layoff notices. >> have you got the batteries you need. >> they're going to immediately impact their daily lives. >> have you made plans to do without for months and months and months? >> families are preparing to cut back on expenses. >> i'm telling you, it's going to be brutal out there. >> and the longer the cuts are in place, the bigger the impact will become. >> enough is enough, what the administration has done, helpfully, to put the numbers and not just the face on the potential impact. >> the president needs to stop campaigning and stop trying to scare the american people. >> the crisis is made up, it's been created. i didn't support the sequester because that's a stupid way to
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cut spending. >> and the president says we have to have another tax increase in order to avoid the sequester. well, mr. president, you've got your tax increase, it's time to cut spending near washington. >> however bad they have painted this sequester, however it is they've exaggerated it it, at the end of march, we're looking at another possible entire government shutdown. we're looking at everybody. we cannot escape this. >> and tonight, house majority whip kevin mccarthy calling president obama a road show president. what does he mean by that. and he joins us to tell us. road show president, what do you mean, sir? >> road show, this is not the time to be out campaigning, it's the time to solve something. he's going on the road tomorrow, 150 miles away to begin, hype this up and try to scare the american public when he can go one mile down and talk to harry reid. you know, look, we're talking about 85 billion dollars. we borrow 85 billion dollars
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every 25 days. all we're doing is taking what we cut for a month in less than a month. >> greta: did you agree with tom coburn that the crisis is made up? >> by far. we have more revenue in 2013 projected. what the president asks for, to take more from the american taxpayers, if you can't take the cut how can we put this place back in order. and many go back in 2009. were planes not flying there, were people not getting their first responders then? no, why is the president creating the hysteria when really we should get this government under control? >> why is he doing that, if he's doing that. >> because he's never gotten off the campaign trail and that's what's wrong, why i call him the road show president. the saddest part about all of this, and the divided government you achieve big things. you can't achieve something if he's out campaigning. you've got to be able to
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govern and lead. and we're willing to work with him, but he's got to come back. is there any loophole you are willing to close or deduction you're willing to get rid of? >> if you want to talk about tax reform, we're sitting and working on tax reform. you want to know the difference of what we're doing here. dave camp has put together 11 working groups bipartisan, republican and democrat sitting on ways and means looking at the overhaul of a tax reform. so we're willing to do everything, to grow the economy, not to sit back here and take out of the economy. >> and no tax increases? is that what you're saying, you'll have no tax increase? >> you've got more money going into the coffers today than any other time in the country and we don't need more money, we need to cut spending. >> so you're saying no tax increase? >> there's no, no tax increase, is coming out of this house, there's no need for a tax increase out of this house, there's more money going in than any other time. in the last four decades on average we brought in 17.9% of gdp.
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now we're going to bring in 19.1. the problem is we're spending more, you know, it's sort of curious that the president says, you know, his door is always open and he's willing to talk and everybody on capital hill willing to talk to the president and he's on the road show. i mean, what seems to be the problem? and what, and four days from the, you know, this deadline? >> you know what the biggest problem is, we don't have enough buses to move congress 150 miles to show up at the campaign rallies and he needs to start leading in this process, remember what he did. he came one this idea the sequestration of the way to cut. right? and then he tried to disown it, and then he tells you after it's passed if you pass a bill i will veto it. the house passes bills that makes the cuts in better places and the senate won't take it up. now we're four days away from it. now he thinks oh, this might be an issuen he goes and tries to create hysteria and go across the country. that's wrong. >> is there anything ka that can be done in four days,
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other than postponing it? >> look it, it's not going to break us by going through. can we cut in a better manner, yes, do we need to make more cuts? more efficient cuts, yes, we can, but i don't think in four days with the president not even going it it come down and talk to harry reid. i don't see how you get that. what happens? we roll through the four days and actually we have the sequestration and have the cuts we changed the next day or day after we changed on march 2nd, tell me what's going to happen. the end of the month the continuing resolution, the funding of government because the senate has not passed the budget in almost four years, i love to remind people the ipad was not introduced the last time they passed one. what we'll have to do is fund government for the rest of the year. the house will take action next week and fund it it so we bring certainty there and we'll start working towards putting the path where we pass the budget in april that puts us on balance in the next ten years. >> so there will be the cuts, the sequestration cuts will go into effect?
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>> yeah. >> you think this is not going to be catastrophic and not going to throw to recession and shut down our military and do all of these things. >> no, in-- >> i wanted to be sarcastic. the only thing catastrophic that we kept our word in washington that we said we'd do this 18 months ago and the president change the plan that agreed to. and washington kept their word. >> greta: have you heard from the president at all or the speaker? >> the president did call the speaker, i believe, last week, but i have not heard from him. >> and says what? >> let's get together? >> i don't think he said let's get together. i think he maybe talked a little about sequestration and then told the press that he told the speaker. >> greta: and that's the end. >> that's all i've heard. >> what do you think the american people think about this? >> the american people think it's crazy in the process. one, it's crazy that you spend more time trying to create hysteria where you bring out
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the secretary of treasury, secretary of transportation, planes won't be flying and the budget is more than it was in 2008 and planes flu fine then and traffic was high then. so why create that? i think what the people are saying is, stop playing games and stop playing campaigns, and get down and do the job that needs to be done. >> congressman, thank you, always nice to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> senator john borasso the best way is to cut to government waste. he points to a report that shows that the government wasted 115.3 billion of your tax money on improper payments and the bulk of that programs like medicare, medicaid and unemployment insurance would more than compensate for the sequester and the senator joins you cans, you don't want to cut medicare and medicaid, do you? >> this is overpayments made by mistakes in government. i have a report coming out tomorrow, greta that goes through a government accountability statements that show there are 51 government
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programs, that are ineffective. overlapping, don't get the job done. 180 of them economic development programs under five different cabinet positions. we have 173 programs promoting the same thing, we have literacy programs, economic literacy run by 20 different agencies and we have 55 different jobs programs and they don't know if anybody that goes through the programs actually, greta, gets hired for anything. >> we've done an awful lot here on the record on waste and fraud. the federal government is replete with waste and a couple of things caught my attention. one, i don't know if you mentioned that, but i had no idea the selective service, the draft ended about 1973, but of course, still have to register and spent 24 billion dollars a year and a staff of-- i'm not sure we have to spend 124 million when we don't have a draft. >> the va has 500 public affairs officers. why do they need 500 public
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affairs officers. >> greta: this report and assuming it's correct probably is the most stunning to me. last summer or last fall, office of management and budget in compliance with the transparency act of 2012 sent a detailed report to congress and noted that under the sequestration, that would happen, is that the national drug intelligence center would lose 2 million dollars of its 20 million dollar budget. however, three months before the omb issued its report that agency has been abolished. >> this is what the president's doing. he's just trying to scare the american people and congress into raising taxes. and i'm not buying it. we need to cut wasteful washington spending and that's why i'm coming up with the report to show so many places, af been travelling all around wyoming last week, greta. and people only believe 50 cents of every dollar they sent to washington is used in a constructive way. taxpayers get the fact that there's a lot of waste in this government.
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and they understand that even with the sequester, spending is going up. it's just not going up as fast as the president wants to go up. >> what i don't get. the first thing you do when-- first thing you do is assess how much money you need. and see whether you have waste and fraud. we've been doing the shows for a long time. and this leaves no appetite in the city to look for waste and fraud. unbelievable. and waste and fraud wouldn't hurt anybody if we got rid of it. but you know, there's just no appetite. why don't politicians want to get rid of waste and fraud. what's the, you know, impediment to that? >> i have the report coming up tomorrow. too much waste in washington, and you can go line by line, through all of these things, remember the president promised back in 2008 he would go line through line through the budget. all the lines are here, greta. >> greta: he hasn't done that. >> incredible waste. >> greta: and i remember a congressman wrote him a letter and he wanted to do that and he never heard back. >> he would come down to the white house and do it with
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you. and i make the same offer to the president after this report comes out tomorrow and happy to go over it with the president line by line. let's face it the sequester is going to hit and the spending will get cut and there's no way that republicans are going to trade, a tax increase for spending cut. we're not raising taxes on anyone. >> my guess is that the american people thought that the house and the senate the president sincerely went through and got rid of the waste and fraud and at that point we needed more revenue, and i imagine some of the resistance is because it's disgusting how much waste and fraud there is, and americans are good people and make sure that the government runs well, but the fraud and waste is just disgusting. >> and the other people, people say if you had a balanced budget amendment to the constitution and lived within your means like american families have to doyea wouldn't mind trying to help deal with the debt and the deficit. without a balanced budget amendment to the constitution i'd say don't send washington anymore money they'll waste it. >> we're talking 82 billion and did a story the department
7:14 pm
of labor said between i think it was june of 2011 and july of 2012 that they found 5 billion in improper payments for unemployment. 5 billion. >> we found 110 billion in inappropriate statements, but this government is spending twice now what it did ten years ago and there's plenty of waste to be dealt with and we can't find 2 1/2% cuts without the president going around the country trying to scare people in an effort to try to raise taxes. we're a strong, resilient nation and we're going to get through what this president is doing for us and he's going to find that the scare tactics and you know, saying that the roof, the sky falling, it's not going to fall unless he forces it down. >> senator, nice to he see you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> 85 billion dollars sequester quickly approaching a debt quickly headed towards 17 trillion dollars. sounds like reasons for concern? well, not if you ask vice-president joe biden, and saying the american people are no longer worried about our economy. >> they're no longer
7:15 pm
dramatized by what was a traumatizing event and the great collapse in 2008. they're no longer worried, i think, about our economy being overwelcomed either by your you or china or someone swallowing up every bit of innovation that exists in the world. and there are no longer, i think, worried about our, our economy being overwhelmed beyond our shores and there's very little doubt in any circles out there about america's ability to be in a position to lead the world in the 21st century. >> greta: and governor jan brewer joins us. nice to see you. >> nice to see, greta. and take part of the quote. they meaning the american people are no he longer traumatized by what was a traumatizing event. a great collapse in 2008.
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>> obviously, and the advice vice president is clearly out of touch. they're with the direction the country is going and concerned about the current leadership. >> you know, i'm not sure exactly, i mean, what he meant by that because-- a little disjointed. sometimes we find that they talk in code and you have to decipher it. i think he's saying that the american public, that they're not concerned, that they feel full confidence what is taking place and he needs to get out, i believe, and speak with the public and they are concerned and they want leadership, they see a government that's not functioning, they have no plans, they're not showing leadership. they keep doing the bait and switch. and it's --. >> you were at the white house today and when the president was speaking and threw the press out. i'm curious, what did the press say about this, about the sequestration and the money problems? >> well, he definitely said he wants to work together and
7:17 pm
obviously, he doesn't want to compromise one little bit. bottom line is that he wants to raise taxes. and he doesn't want to cut and i think the american people believe that. you know, at the time now, to start cutting the budget. and 17 trillion dollars deficit. and he wants to continue to spend. he doesn't want to do that. and wants to raise taxes. >> is there any room, i know you were on face the nation yesterday talking about this, in your mind is there any room to increase taxes on anybody or close loopholes or geteducti. >> spending is out of ever control, absolutely out of control. we cannot continue down that bath. compromise is a good thing, but he's not going to compromise. it's his way or the highway. >> did he say anything at all or give you any sort of glimmer of hope today? >> hope? >> yeah. >> no. >> okay. he told me that and the rest of the governors there that he wasn't running for election,
7:18 pm
his election was behind him and that he was going to do what he thought was right for the country and he wasn't going to look at polls, like some politicians do because always looking forward to that next election and that gave me a chill because that tells me that he's going to do whatever he wants to do. and he's big on executive orders. and exercising his power. so, i think he's going to be a real scary time for america, not hopeful. >> did any of the governors grill him or go at him with questions? >> everybody was relatively polite, taking him for of talking about certainly the sequester, certainly about the defense cuts. and certainly we're all concerned about what effect that's going to have on our budget because they're going to have effects, real effects. arizona, for example, we have a strong military presence and a military components like r
7:19 pm
raytheon and there go the jobs and he talks about wanting the grow the economy. he's killing the economy and the job market. >> greta: thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: the are you no longer worried about the economy or more concerned than ever. go to right now to vote in our poll. >> and straight ahead. first it was a tiger woods golf outing and today, president obama strikes again. where did the boot the media from this time. and whatever happened to transparency? that's next. and also if you thought the oscar pistorius murder case could not get weirder, just ahead, it just did. and the brother is facing homicide charges, a live report from south africa coming up. and why is kate middleton
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>> this is a fox news alert. and right now, blizzard conditions hammering the nation's mid section. and the blizzard warnings in kansas and oklahoma. the violent storms causing two deaths, one person killed in a roof collapse and another killed in a traffic accident in kansas.
7:24 pm
in the texas panhandle, airports are closed and the national guard helping stranded motorists and stay with fox news channel for the latest information on this very dangerous weather. and while last week president obama banned the press from a golf outing with tiger woods and today president obama kicking reporters out again, this time it wasn't a golf game. and the president was meeting with the national governor's association. >> i look forward to our partnering and with that, what i want to do is clear out the press so we can take some questions. all right? >> and clear out the press, well, the president was talking with governors. governors reelected so are we entitled to hear what was said? and washington chief political correspondent joins us and i don't know about the title, but we'd like to. >> this is not a case in which the press is expected to ask the questions of the president. the press just wanted to see the exchanges between the governors ap the president because they've got a lot of issues between each other and i actually talked to a few of
7:25 pm
the governors today. jindal and walker and haley and they had interesting frank exchanges about the spending cuts with the president. we didn't see any of that. because the president kicked them all out. >> is that unusual of other president's done the same and similar situations? >> this president has actually allowed them in in previous annual national governor's association meeting and allowed in in previous ones and this is the kind of the sensitive moment between obama and the white house press corps and at the end of the first term, they counted up the press conferences the president had given and found he'd given fewer than any recent president, gave 79. george w. bush gave 89. >> bill clinton, 133 and when they counted not just the press conferences, but casual exchange with the press, it was worse, obama had done 107 and george w. bush 354 on clinton 612. so this is a president who really doesn't have a lot to do with the press.
7:26 pm
>> greta: he ran on transparency and clobbered with that. and now going to keep the press out only going to keep the press angrier. and last week, when the president goes to florida and spends three days at a golf resort and a round with tiger woods and they're basically kept in a mini-van way off, you know, off the golf course and never see the president at all. and so, they complained about that, and said, well, you know, it's not that we have to see him playing golf. but this is symptomatic of not getting access to the president. >> and i put on greta wire all the time. the press pool reports and they say we never saw the president. >> never saw him. >> and now it's going to be a little bit of a jab, that they don't see the president and turn to another issue. governor chris christie of new jersey, according to "the washington post" will not be invited to cpac this year, an influential political action. >> in about three weeks, that's a big deal. i should say that the organizers of cpac are saying after this news came out,
7:27 pm
well, you know, there are three weeks left and we haven't done all of our invitations, stay tuned. looks like christy who i believe in his own state is probably the most popular republican governor right now, 74% approval in new jersey, and not going to be elected. not going to be invited and the big thing is, everybody else is going to be there. rubio, jindal, ryan, bush, palin, perry, santorum. everybody who is anybody in the world. >> greta: that wasn't an accident, i don't think. >> no when you look at the people there, gee, where is chris christie, probably not an accident. you have to remember that the mitt romney people are very irritated with chris christie, and romney will be at cpac and irritated by him being so cozy with president obama. >> greta: like the-- >> in the final days. >> greta: like governor christie-- or chris, rather, hugging president obama on the tarmac. >> exactly. a lot of republican members of congress are irritated with
7:28 pm
him wanting so much relieve aid after hurricane sandy they felt was a lot of pork. he kind of angered the former presidential candidate and the certain amount of the house leadership. >> and the amount that he wanted that they considered pork, actually is almost equal to the amount of budget difficult. i think he got 60 billion and the budget cut is about 85 billion. >> and all up in one bill. >> one fell swoop. so there are some sensitive relations, but i mean, chris christie is a serious national figure in the republican party and seems kind of odd that he's not going to be-- >> i think he's a serious national figure in new jersey. >> not just in new jersey though, i mean, he's, look, when you go through the list of possible 2016 contenders, chris christie is there as big as anybody else. >> byron, as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up round two, jodi arias the prosecutor grilling arias about all of her lies in the gruesome murder of her ex-boyfriend in the shower and he was shot and his throat was
7:29 pm
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7:33 pm
of a woman. carl pistorius was accused of driving recklessly and killing a female motorcyclist. of the latest from johannesburg. adam, this motorcycle accident happened some time ago and the charges were dropped. what resurrected the charges against oscar's brother? >> from what i understand, greta, the family of the woman, they put pressure on the national prosecuting authority to reinstitute the charges and then it ended up happening that carl pistorius appeared in court on thursday, the day before his brother was granted bail and was expected to appear in court in march. >> did they put pressure on it since oscar was arrested or ongoing effort to get the prosecution to reopen the charges against karl? >> from what i understand, there's virtually no relation whatsoever to his brother's charges, i think the charges were reinstated before the oscar pistorius story broke
7:34 pm
and i think at the were unrelated and the coincidence was staggering. >> carl wasn't drinking and this was a culpable homicide. can you tell me what they're releasing? >> they're releasing very little details. reportedly, the accident took place in an area of johannesburg half an hour south from the center. and they made very little on the-- and the lawyer representing oscar pistorius says that carl is innocent. and we don't no what time the accident happened or the circumstance of the accident, all he said he's confident that carl is innocent. >> when you talk about culpable homicide in south africa, it was an accident not like a boyfriend-girlfriend thing or premeditated. it's just an accident, a terrible tragedy? >> yes, i think the equivalent in the united states would be manslaughter. when you're responsibility for
7:35 pm
another person's debt. no intent or anything like that. >> where is carl these days? i mean not carl, oscar? >> well, oscar, it would seem the general consensus he's nsta in uncle's house, affluent in pretoria. and checking in yesterday, but he actually apparently does check in with correctional services officials as part of the conditions by the prosecution and the defense agreed that it would be a section every monday and friday, and the bail conditions measured there in his ruling. so he did check in with officials and of holing up at his uncle's house in pretoria. >> adam, once again, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> now the trial accused of a savage murder of his ex-boyfriend in the shower. jodi arias back on the witness stand, grilling arias, trying
7:36 pm
to paint her as a serial liar. >> do you have problems with your memory? about that, any event? it seems like you keep telling me that you have problems with your memory. do you have problems with your memory. >> occasionally. >> you didn't seem to have any problems on direct examination when you were talking about all the sexual exploits. >> i had problems. >> you regailed us about them for days didn't you. >> i wouldn't say regailed. >> okay, you told us about it for days on end, didn't you? >> i just answered the questions i was asked. >> yes or no, you told us when the question was posed you told us, didn't you? >> to the best of my recollection. >> do you remember that you lied. >> yes. >> and do you remember what you lied about. >> yes. >> and do you remember that you lied about the killing of travis alexander, right. >> yes. >> and that a change from what you said the day before, right. yes. >> and it was a drastic
7:37 pm
change, right? >> yes. >> and it was a total change and you were there, right? >> yes, i was trying it kill myself-- >> ma'am, you said that many times, that you tried to kill yourself, right? in the court-- >> i don't know that many, but i recount a time that i did. >> you said more than three, four, five times, right. >> perhaps. >> and in fact, one of the things that you told us about was that, well, when you were in the maricopa county jail, you tried to kill yourself. >> no, the county jail. >> and you remember telling us about that. >> yes. >> what you did then you took some razor, right. >> yes. >> and then you cut yourself, right? >> it was a nick. >> it was a nick. >> and because it stung so much that you said no, this is not the way for me to go,
7:38 pm
right? >> i didn't say that. >> you said it stung and that's why you stopped. isn't that what your direct testimony was? >> that night, yes. >> and that's the night that i'm talking to you about, right. >> yes. >> i'm not talking to you about any other night, am i? >> it sounded like you were. >> no, ma'am, just be to be clear i'm not talking about any other night ever. do you understand that? >> okay, i understand that. >> and you nicked yourself and it hurt, right? >> yes. >> and i think the word that you used stung, right. >> yes. >> to use your standard, ma'am how you stopped because it stung, can you imagine how much it must have hurt mr. alexander when you stuck that knife right into his chest that really must have hurt, right. >> argumentative. >> sustained. >> greta: fox anchchor troy hayden was in the courtroom. troy, it looks so much different in the courtroom than on tv. >> prosecutor talked about the
7:39 pm
lies she told. and changed her story thee times how the murder happened and abused and feared for her life. on one of the days that she said travis beat her, punched her in the throat she wrote in the journal that very day what a great guy that travis was, and passionate kisses and called him sweetie in the texts. and flowers to travis's grandmother and denied she knew anything about travis' murder and told her friends hours after the killing that travis' kids and her kids would play together some day and she knew travis was dead in the shower and she admitted that. why are these details important because most of most of mer testimony is based on abuse, you can almost tell from the looks on the juror's faces the past couple of days, they have to be wondering, can we trust anything she's said before she's told all of these lies. >> greta: troy, you can't talk to the jury, but there are regular court watchers and whether or not you've spoken to them and whether or not she's remotely believable at
7:40 pm
all, whether she's sympathetic? what are people in the audience day in and day out saying? they're sort of like a shadow he jury. >> i think at the beginning she's talking about being a victim and one or two jurors, i saw the looks on their faces and nod all the time and taking notes and lean forward and be in her camp. i thought she was going to cry and wither under juan martinez's questioning instead toe to toe with the prosecutor, smirking and kind of sarcastic and a few of the jurors aren't looking at her the same way, not leaning toward her and nodding their head and sitting back in their heads and kind of going, that's a weird story you just told right there. >> greta: tomorrow, she's still on the witness stand or the prosecutor now finished with her? >> no, it might be another day or two. we're understanding with the prosecutor. and he's going nonchronologically, they say if you do that, now that, you're an attorney, but people tell lies in the form of a story and in order so he's
7:41 pm
kind of popping all over the place and trying to catch her. and there'll be more of that the next couple of days. >> troy, thank you. >> you've got it, greta. >> a california couple disappearing in peru. back in december, jamie and her boyfriend went for a cycling trip through peru and family members have not heard from them since january 25th he and now fear the couple has been kidnapped and jamie neil has stopped posting on the facebook and garrett's phone is turned off. unusual for the couple to drop out of touch and february 13th, the u.s. embassy in peru posted travel warnings, telling americans about a potential kidnapping threat and the state department is helping in the search for the couple. coming up, driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, the controversial topic just got a whole lot more volatile. what is one state planning that has lawmakers fighting within their own political party. find out next, in two minutes, show up for work or quit.
7:42 pm
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7:45 pm
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our commitment has never been stronger. >> controversy is brewing in north carolina about new driver's licenses for young illegal immigrants. north carolina is set to issue the special licenses, the controversial licenses will have an even more controversial bright pink stripe and no lawful status and some argue that it will brand them second class citizens and some lawmakers don't like the licenses either. and mark brody joins us, good evening, sir. >> a pleasure to meet you. >> nice to have you here. what's your position on the driver's licenses? >> can i give you a 20 second synopsis? >> sure. >> well, president obama decided to make legal someone that has illegal status and in turn decided to transfer that initiative to their secretary
7:48 pm
of homeland security. she handed it down to north carolina. our attorney general decided that he was going to squeeze out an opinion that says that we now have to issue these driver's licenses and in turn, pass that to the department much motor vehicles and they in turn issued a license proposal a week from today, or a wake before yesterday, and last monday, the dmv introduced their plan to the general assembly and didn't ask us for information, our input or if we -- or even involved in that. they just said they're going to do it. so needless to say some of us weren't very happy with that situation, so, we decided to address, we needed to address tuitions. number one, the state constitutional issue as well as if it's with the current
7:49 pm
statute. the other is that we believe that the direct it tiff from homeland security in itself is unconstitutional. they're not, therefore not enforceable in north carolina. >> it's going to be quite interesting, because the president has given the legal status and the north carolina state law as i understand it, says a license will be granted for anybody who holds valid documentation of the legal presence, but the president has given them a legal presence and i realize the aclu says they're second class citizens and they don't happen to be a citizen as aside and the other curious thing there are other restrictions, whether there are corrective lenses and i understand it's going to be hotly contested both sides in north carolina, is that a fairly good guess? >> i think that's pretty fair, in fact, i read even on fox news online, even the hispanic
7:50 pm
community doesn't like the current situation and of course we don't care for it. it still has to be reconciled with our state statutes and that's why my bill in particular, 141, just calls for a moratorium of the next four months and just take a breather. >> now four months you've got to work it out and i'll take the last word on that. representative, thank you, sir. >> thank you, ma'am. a pleasure to meet you. >> the bakery, the produce department. gets a new job with a supermarket. find out what pippa middleton is up to next. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
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and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> all right. it's time to look at our favorite tweets of the night. first, pippa middleton, giving a new job with the british supermarket and reporting that pippa was delighted to become a columnist for the monthly magazines, the u.k. supermarket publishes a magazine and called pippa's friday night beat. and share her passion for food and entertaining and michelle obama making a surprise appearance at the oscars, look at the headline from usa
7:55 pm
today. an iranian newspaper ran a picture of michelle's oscar spot last night and the shoulders and chests and seems to be an attempt to make her look more modest by iranian standards. and el arabia, dancing protests against the ruling islamists. ♪ >> thousands of tunisian students protesting ruling party plans to transform the secular country into an islamist state, but students expressed criticism in a different way, they danced to an american song. "let's get started" by the black eyed peas. and finally, on the heels of the baltimore ravens star jacoby jones is taking on a new competition. fox sports tweets, jacoby is
7:56 pm
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